XWorker model library

    The model library is generally a package of various APIs, and these APIs can be used quickly through models. The model is generally released with Java, and the model library is generally a Jar file.

1. Basic model library

    Use of the dynamic model engine must use or basically use related class libraries.

1.1. Dynamic model engine


    xmeta is the engine of dynamic models, and is usually introduced automatically when other model libraries are introduced.



    xworker_lang is the basic class library of XWorker's model library, which is used to define new models and stipulate model editing rules. xworker_lang is an optional model library, but it will be referenced most of the time.

1.3. Other model libraries

    Models are generally encapsulation of various APIs. XWorker's model library is generally published on Maven. You can check which model libraries are available on the Maven warehouse, see https://mvnrepository.com/search?q=xworker.


    If you want to use the SNAPSHOT version of the dependency, you can add the following settings in maven.

            <name>sonatype Repository</name>




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