XWorker is written using a dynamic model that can program itself at runtime system.

    XWorker can be used for programming, or as tools, or use XWorker as your own platform.

    The ultimate goal of XWorker is to become an intelligent auxiliary system.

Understanding XWorker

  • Dynamic Model
    Dynamic models can digitize programs. When the program is digitized, the programming itself can also be programmed, so various tools can be written to help programming. In addition, when the program is data, it can be programmed at runtime.
  • Integration and Innovation
    Based on dynamic models, XWorker packages various functions into models and continues programming based on these models.
  • Large model
    XWorker can integrate a large number of models. With more and more functions, XWorker will evolve toward automation and intelligence.

Quick start

Java project

    Use the dynamic model in the Java project, and use Java as the main programming method, supplemented by the model.

Model project

    Dynamic model is used under the model project, the programming is mainly based on the model, and the code mainly uses scripting languages ​​such as Groovy.

WEB project

    Deploy XWorker to the Web server and dynamically develop Web applications on the Web.

Join us

    XWorker complies with the Apache 2.0 license agreement. By using the dynamic model, it can improve the development efficiency and realize the rapid execution of various tasks. If you are interested in this, welcome to join the XWorker community.

    By joining the QQ group 312989786, you can participate in discussions, exchange experiences and ideas with other developers, and jointly promote the development of XWorker.





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