Intelligent Assistant

 1. Description

    Intelligent Assistant is a goal that XWorker has not yet achieved.

    The reason why we chose intelligent assistant as the goal of XWorker is that if artificial intelligence is likened to the brain, then it also needs a body that can interact with the world. XWorker is particularly suitable for this body, or more precisely, the software part of the body.     

    Because XWorker is a system that can continuously accumulate and iterate, when the model is rich enough, it can also program the system in real time without restarting the system.

2. Preparation

    Currently, XWorker is still in the preparation stage, developing some basic functions.

  • Programming at any time
    You can use XWorker programming at any time, and you can also program XWorker itself at any time.
  • Interactive
    Most of the interfaces in the XWorker model manager are interactive.
  • Open
    You can integrate various things into XWorker.    

3. Join us

    Realizing an intelligent assistant is a long and complex (multi-module) task, and it is difficult to achieve without your participation.

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