Welcome to XWorker, a development and application platform for dynamic models.

1. What is a dynamic model?

    Dynamic model is an object-oriented programming method based on structured data, where data can be represented using XML and JSON etc.

    The following XML is a model program, each node of this XML is an object, and XML itself is generally called a model. You can click here to run the model, which will open a window with a browser showing the XWorker home page.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

<Shell name="shell" text="Hello World!" descriptors="xworker.swt.widgets.Shell"
  width="800" height="600">
    <FillLayout name="FillLayout"></FillLayout>
    <Browser name="Browser" url="https://www.xworker.org"></Browser>

1.1. Features

  • Simple
    In the dynamic model, objects are structured data, and these object data are generally written by various tools, so it will be easier to get started and use.
    For example this video demonstrates how to write and run the example model above. From the video, you can see that the model is edited and run through the editor, which can reduce the difficulty of writing the model.

  • Dynamic
    Dynamic means that theoretically any object in the system can be created, modified and deleted at any time, and the function of the system will also change as the object changes. This is because models are data, and models are interpreted and executed in real-time through a dynamic model engine.
    For example this example demonstrates the ability to dynamically add a browser to the model editor.
  • Accumulation
    It is suitable for encapsulating various functions, frameworks and experiences into models, through which rapid programming can be achieved.
    For example, you can write a variety of applications using the dynamic model.

2. Join us

    XWorker is a platform based on the Apache2.0 open source protocol. XWorker looks forward to your participation. Please join us to improve it. QQ group: 312989786. x-meta




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