XWorker is a development tool and model library for dynamic models. You can use XWorker for programming, or you can use XWorker as your platform.    

Dynamic model

    Dynamic model is an abstract model-based object-oriented programming method that needs to be implemented using other programming languages. Among them, model data can be represented by XML or SON.

Why choose dynamic model?

    Dynamic models can be used to implement rapid programming and can also be used to implement large systems that can iteratively evolve during runtime.

  • Data programming
    Dynamic models are not suitable for writing basic functions such as algorithms, but these functions can be packaged into models and then continue programming based on them. Since the model is data, modeling is actually a process of data-based programming.
  • Real-time programming
    The model is the data, and the model is executed through interpretation, which enables programming of the system at runtime.
  • Iteration and Evolution
    Real-time programmable systems implemented using dynamic models usually use the system itself to program the system itself. Such a system can theoretically achieve runtime iteration and evolution, and is suitable for writing large-scale dynamically changeable systems.

Quick start

  • Install XWorker
    XWorker is composed of various model libraries (Java class libraries). You can define your own XWorker by introducing different class libraries.
  • Tutorial
    Learn how to program with dynamic models.

Join us

    XWorker is open source, and XWorker follows the Apache 2.0 license agreement.

    The advantages of dynamic models can only be reflected when the model is rich enough. XWorker is still in the accumulation stage of basic models. XWorker welcomes your participation. QQ group 312989786. xworker




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