The discovery of the dynamic model programming method is actually the result of laziness in programming. The core of laziness is not wanting to have too many restrictions, which may determine that XWorker is loosely organized or even unorganized.

    XWorker is composed of various model libraries. You can define your own XWorker by introducing different model libraries. Because XWorker allows you to program XWorker itself, when you start using XWorker, XWorker becomes your own platform.

    As long as you are willing to use dynamic models and XWorker programming, it is helpful to XWorker. When you share your model, your model can be seamlessly integrated into XWorker. When more people share their models, XWorker's functionality will become stronger. The final XWorker must be everyone's XWorker.

    You can also join XWorker, XWorker official QQ group: 312989786.x-meta


    This website only lists part of the model library, more can be found through The online model library relies on tools for viewing, but this tool may not be updated in time and is for reference only.

    XWorker’s model library is published on Maven, https://mvnrepository.com/search?q= xworker.

    The code of XWorker is at https://gitee.com/xworker/xworker.


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