Write model library

1. Package the model library

1.1.Jar file

    Models can be distributed with Java, usually packaged as jar files.

1.2.dml file

    Set a .dml file in the root directory of the jar file, and set the name of the model library in the .dml file.



    The workingSet property is optional and is used in the model editor to place the model library under that working group by default.


    Optional. If this file exists in the root directory of the jar, the zip will be decompressed to the root directory of xworker when XWorker initialization (XWorkerUtils.setup()) is executed.


    Optional. The file is text, and one line is a path to an action model. If the file exists, the relevant actions will be performed when the XWorker initialization (XWorkerUtils.setup()) is performed.

2. Import the model library

     The model library is also a common Java library, which can be used directly after importing it into the project.

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