Introduction to Model Engine

1. Introduction to dynamic model engine XMeta

    The dynamic model engine XMeta is written in Java. It is called XMeta because of a special model, which can be used as the first model in the system. In theory, other models can be edited directly or indirectly through it. come out.

2. Basic classes in the engine

  • org.xmeta.Thing
    Thing represents a model, but also an object.  
  • org.xmeta.World
    World is the container of Thing, and the model is generally obtained through World.
  • org.xmeta.Action
    Actions, actions can be executed, and theoretically any model can be transformed into actions.
  • org.xmeta.ActionContext
    Action context, the environment in which the action is executed. Used to manage variables and execution state, etc.
  • org.xmeta.ThingManager
    Model manager, storage of models. Such as the FileThingManger that stores the model in the file, the JdbcThingManager that stores the model in the database, and so on.
  • org.xmeta.Category
    Directories, just like files, models are generally placed in directories.


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