Install XWorker

    XWorker is a development platform for dynamic models. XWorker is mainly released as a class library. To install XWorker, you need to use Maven to download the class library. You can choose which class libraries to use according to your needs.

    XWorker can be used in various scenarios, the main usage scenarios are as follows.

  • Java Project 
    XWorker can be used in Java projects, and XWorker is generally used as a model editor or a development aid.
  • Programming with XWorker
    You can use XWorker programming directly. Using XWorker programming can be divided into the following scenarios.
    • Maven is not installed in the system
      If Maven is not installed in the system, Maven will be downloaded automatically in this way.
    • The system has installed Maven
      If the system has installed and configured Maven, you can install XWorker directly through the pom.xml file.
    • Global XWorker
      An XWorker can be set as a system global, at this time a single model file can also be executed directly, and the model can be regarded as an executable application.



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