Dynamic model

    Dynamic Modeling is a tree-structured data-based object-oriented programming approach where data can be represented using XML and JSON etc.

    The dynamic model needs to be implemented using other programming languages. For example, the dynamic engine used by XWorker is written in Java. The dynamic model is executed through interpretation and can generally be used for runtime programming, that is, programming while the system is running.

    The following XML is a model program, each node of this XML is an object, and the XML data itself is generally called a model. You can click here to run the model, and a window will open after running. There is a browser displaying the XWorker home page in the window.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

<Shell name="shell" text="Hello World!" descriptors="xworker.swt.widgets.Shell"
  width="800" height="600">
     <FillLayout name="FillLayout"></FillLayout>
     <Browser name="Browser" url="https://www.xworker.org"></Browser>

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