1. Is it necessary to use XWorker?

    Programming with dynamic models does not necessarily require XWorker. In fact, the basis of dynamic models is Java, and XWorker only provides programming tools and some model libraries for dynamic models. To better use dynamic model programming, it is recommended to define your own model library. Of course, we also welcome you to join XWorker and improve the model in XWorker together.

    For how to define a model, please refer to Tutorial - Defining a New Model to define complex For the model, please refer to Develop - Define Basic Model.

2. How is digitalization and real-time programming implemented?

    The dynamic model implements the object-oriented concept of "everything is an object". Models can not only represent objects and classes, but can also write models of syntax and language classes. For example, you can define models such as do, for, while, etc., and you can also use models to package scripting languages such as Groovy, Lua, Jython, etc. Some of these models can theoretically be digitized and programmed in real time.

    However, digitalization and real-time programming are a gradual process. The dynamic model engine used by XWorker is based on Java. In the early days of dynamic model programming, a large amount of Java code still needed to be written. As models become richer, there will be a trend towards more and more digitalization and real-time programming.

    You can refer to Development and Examples, most of the displays here only require writing models, without writing Java code.

3. How to implement a large system that can iterate and evolve?

   Digitalization and real-time programming are the basis for realizing large systems. In addition, although the dynamic model is based on Java, the model and Java objects do not correspond one-to-one. In fact, the model has independent semantics. The model can be used to represent various things, and new models can also be defined.

4. What are the benefits of using dynamic models?

    In the short term, using dynamic models can achieve fast programming. In the long term, there is also a need for programming systems that can simulate reality, that is, programming the system in real time, making changes without recompiling and restarting the system, and dynamic models are theoretically achievable.

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