Lightweight engine

1. Introduction

  • Lightweight engine
    The dynamic model engine is lightweight, and the engine jar is only over 300 KB.
  • XWorker is optional
    Dynamic model programming does not necessarily require XWorker, nor does it necessarily require XWorker's model library. You can use XWorker only as a model editor.


    The following example does not reference the XWorker model library, but only the dynamic model engine. Below is a running video of the sample packaged.

2.1. Project code (319KB).

3. Why use XWorker?

3.1. As a development tool

    The model building process is a complex process. Although the model can be written manually using text, it is not as convenient as using the model editor.

    XWorker provides tools for managing, editing and running models. XWorker can be used as a dynamic model development tool.

3.2. As a model library

    Although the model library defined by XWorker may not be too mature, the functions of the model library are basically guaranteed by the encapsulated Java class library, so it can be used with confidence.

    In addition, the same function can be encapsulated into different models, so you can write your own model or continue to improve it based on XWorker's model.

3.3.As an auxiliary tool

    Since it is easier to develop applications in XWorker, these applications can also be accumulated in XWorker, so XWorker has also become an application platform containing various auxiliary tools.

    You can use XWorker to modify XWorker itself at any time, so you can also turn XWorker into your own platform.

    You can choose to use the XWorker model library. The basic model library of XWorker is xworker_lang, and other model libraries of XWorker will basically reference it.

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