Model library

1. Description

  • Digitalization of functions
    The main purpose is to digitize these functions through the model so that they can be used conveniently and quickly.
  • Can be used as an example
    Although XWorker is not proficient in many of the encapsulated functions, it can still be used as a reference example of encapsulation. Through these examples, I hope you can encapsulate better models.
  • Can be used with confidence
    Models generally encapsulate the interface of a function and do not change the function itself, so you can use XWorker's model library with confidence.

2.Join us

    You can see that most of XWorker's model libraries are encapsulations of open source Java class libraries. It requires extensive experience in these model libraries to encapsulate good models, and there are also a large number of other Java classes. The library deserves to be modeled, XWorker and your participation.

    XWorker’s model library is published on Maven, xworker.

    The code of XWorker is at There are many sub-projects in the project, and each sub-project represents a model library. Subprojects are relatively independent and can be imported as needed.


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