1. Goal

    As a development tools for dynamic models, XWorker's current goal is to achieve rapid programming, and its long-term goal is automated programming and automated systems.

1.1. Quick programming

    The dynamic model can digitize the program. When the program becomes data, various tools can be written to help programming, thereby achieving rapid programming.

    In order to achieve fast programming, the current work of XWorker is mainly as follows.

  • Writing a model library
    XWorker is currently packaging various functional modules into models, mainly packaging some popular and commonly used functions into models, and these models will be encapsulated into the model library.
  • Writing aids
    XWorker mainly develops the auxiliary tool framework, through which auxiliary tools for specific models can be easily developed.

1.2. Automation programming and automation systems

    Automated programming and automated systems are the long-term goals of XWorker, which have not yet been achieved.

    XWorker has also made some attempts at automated programming, such as function interaction programming methods. In terms of automation systems, XWorker is studying various systems, such as rule systems, state machines, etc.

    Automated programming and automated systems may not need to be deliberately implemented. With the accumulation of models and auxiliary tools, automated programming and automated systems will become easier to implement.

2.Your platform

    XWorker is composed of various model libraries. You can define XWorker, or you can continue programming based on XWorker and turn it into your own platform.

3. Model library

    XWorker is currently developing some model libraries, most of which are model encapsulations of other open source Java class libraries. You can open XWorker's Online Model Library Dependency Tool to view this tool It may not be updated in time, it is for reference only.


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