1. Benefits of using XWorker programming

    The advantage is that you can develop complex applications directly based on others, you can also modify XWorker and turn it into your own development platform and application Platform.

2. Start programming

  • Building a development environment
    You can refer to uInstall XWorker.
  • Programming methods
    How to use dynamic model programming, you can refer to Dynamic Model.


  • Various types of applications can be exported
    See Hello World and export examples.
  • You don’t need to rely on XWorker
    The dynamic model itself is lightweight. Because XWorker is a development environment, it has many dependencies and is bloated. In fact, you can just use XWorker as a model editor and write very lightweight model applications. For example, Minimal Model Application example.
  • Quick Programming
    Dynamic models use model programming, and the model is the program code. How to quickly write and run models is the key to achieving fast programming. These are mainly reflected in XWorker's Model Editor Up.
  • Your development platform
    XWorkerke can be your development platform. XWorker itself is composed of various models. These models can be modified at any time using XWorker, so the functions of XWorker can also be modified at any time.


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