Create model projects

1.Download XWorker

    The model project is an XWorker project. Please download and install XWorker before starting the tutorial.

2.Create .dml or files

   The .dml or file indicates that a directory is the root directory of the model project.


    You can create .dml file in the console.

    On the command line, enter copy con .dml and press F6 to exit.

2.2.Linux and other platforms

    Enter the touch .dml command in the terminal to create the. DML file.

3.Run .dml file

    Windows enters .dml in the console to run .dml file, Linux and other platforms enter .dml to run. DML files.

    Enter exit to exit. After exit, you can see that a file named SimpleThingEditor.dml is created in the directory, and the model project is successfully created.

4.Content of .dml file

    The contents of the .dml file can be empty or as follows.


    Where <projectName>  is the project name, such as name=xworker_test.

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