XWorker dependency

1.Can be independent of XWorker

    XWorker is also a model library in essence, so if the model in the project does not refer to xworker's model, then it can be completely independent of xworker.

1.1.Methods for writing models that do not depend on XWorker

    XWorker can also be used as the model editor. XWorker.lang.metadescriptor3 is used to define the model when defining the model. Java is used to implement the behavior of the model. The model defined in this way can be executed as long as the model engine is imported without relying on XWorker.

2.Using XWorker

    Java projects can also use XWorker, mainly in the following two ways.

2.1.Using xworker's model library

    XWorker has several independent model libraries, such as xworker_core, xworker_web and xworker_swt, which have been packaged and uploaded to Maven.

    When using the above model library, you only need to import the model library into the Java project through Maven and so on. The runtime system does not need to install xworker.

2.2.Using XWorker

    In addition to several independent model libraries, xworker also contains a large number of other models, which have not been independent. To use these models, you can install XWorker in the system and use XWorker's directory when the engine is initialized.

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