Windows installation guide

1.Download xworker.jar

    Prepare an empty directory, do not contain special symbols such as Chinese or space, and save xworker.jar to that directory.

2.Execute xworker.jar

    Execute xworker.jar under the console.

java -jar xworker.jar

    XWorker will be downloaded automatically after execution, and an environment setup script setupevn.cmd will be created.

3.Setting the environment variable and file association

    Setupenv.cmd is executed as an administrator. Setupenv.cmd will set up XWorker related environment variables and file associations (*.dml and *.dmw).


    The following script can update the XWorker to the latest version.


5.Test installation

    Save SwtHelloWorld.dml in a directory and double click it to execute it. If the following window appears, it indicates that the installation is successful.

6.Manual setting

    If you cannot execute SwtHelloWorld.dml, you can follow the manual Settings Wizard below.

6.1.Setting environment variables by hand

    Add the directory of XWorker to the environment variable PATH of the system,  see

6.2.DML file association

    After xworker updates, there will be a dml.cmd and file in the directory. It is the program that executes the model, and if the *.dml file is associated with a dml.cmd or file, the *.dml model program can be executed directly.

6.2.1.Setting the file association under Windows up the open mode of the *.dml file

    Select a.Dml file under Windows, then right click menu, choose open mode > select other applications. dml.cmd

    In the pop-up window: always use this application to open the.Dml file and click on the computer to find other applications. dml.cmd

    Enter the installation directory of XWorker, select dml.cmd, and finally click the open button to complete the file association.

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