Mac OS X installation guide

1.Download xworker.jar

    Enter the terminal, select an empty directory, and execute the following command to download xworker.jar.

$ curl

2.Execute xworker.jar

    Use the following command to execute xworker.jar and automatically download XWorker after execution.

$ java -jar xworker.jar

3.Setting the environment variable and file association

    Executing the script below will create a link to for /usr/bin and associate file *.dml to

$ ./

4.Install updates

    The following script will update the XWorker to the latest version.

$ ./

5.Update index

    XWorker will index the model to the database, and usually update the index automatically when you download and update the XWorker, and if you want to manually update the index, the following command can be executed.

$ ./

6.Setting the DML file association

6.1.Open Automator

    Open Finider, find Automator and open it in the application.

6.2.Choose to create an application

    Select the application.

6.3.Choose to run Shell scripts

   Find Shell script running on the left side, double-click to the right.

6.4.Setting the script

    As above:

  • Shell select /bin/bash。
  • The transfer input selection is used as an independent variable.
  • The script input box enters the file path of "$@ is the parameter to be passed to

6.5.Save Automator

    After the setup is completed, save it as an application.

6.6.Download the test model

    Save as swthloworld.dml, select open mode, and select other.

6.7.Select the app file saved by Automator

    Remember to open the hook in this way.

6.8.Test run

    After setting up, open the application, or double click SwtHelloWorld.dml. If the following window is opened, the file association is successful.

7.Some problems

7.1.Sonsole output

    With the above file association method model running, there is no console, and the output of the console can not be viewed. If you know how to set up, please contact us.

7.2.SWT window cannot start

    Modify the script to remove the annotation ‘JAVA_OPTS="-XstartOnFirstThread"’of this line.

# JAVA_OPTS="-XstartOnFirstThread"

7.3.See SWT

    XWorker uses SWT to write the interface. If you have problems with SWT, please refer to

    If you need to modify the startup parameters of xworker, you can edit the file.


7.4.1.Use HTTPS

    The web server started by xworker is HTTP by default. If you need to switch to HTTPS, you can run first, open and close the interface, and then modify the projects/_local/ things/_local /xworker/config/globalconfig.dml file in xwork directory.

    If the GlobalConfig.dml format is properties, then two lines of swebSSL and true, and modify http://localhost: 9001 to HTTPS://localhost: 9001:


    If the GlobalConfig.dml format is XML, add the webSSL attribute and modify the value of the webUrl attribute to HTTPS://localhost: 9001:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

<GlobalConfg name="GlobalConfg" 
    webUrl="https://localhost:9001/" webDebug="false"

7.4.2.Import certificate

    The certificate is in xworker directory, enter xworker installation directory in the terminal, and execute the following command to import the certificate.

sudo security add-trusted-cert -d -r trustRoot  -k /Library/Keychains/System.keychain config/jetty/cert.crt


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