Linux installation guide

1.Download xworker.jar

   Enter the terminal, prepare an empty directory, and execute the following command to download xworker.jar.

# wget

2.Execute xworker.jar

    Use the following command to execute xworker.jar. After execution, you will automatically download the XWorker and generate the setup script.

# java -jar xworker.jar

3.Setting the environment variable and file association

    Executing the following script to set up environment variables and file associations may require root permissions.

# sudo ./

4.Install updates

    The following script can update the XWorker to the latest version.

# ./

5.Test installation


    Save the as SwtHelloWorld.dml, double-click the file SwtHelloWorld.dml, and open the window below to indicate that the installation is successful.

5.1.1See SWT

    XWorker uses SWT to write the interface. If you have problems with SWT, please refer to
    If you need to modify the startup parameters of xworker, you can edit the file.


    Enter the terminal and execute the following command to test it.

# wget
# HelloWorld.dml

    If the 'XWorker say hello world! " is displayed in the console, it indicates that the installation is successful.

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